Katie Rubino


   Run is my new original song that will be releasing onto iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc. on Friday, October 30, 2015. I'm very excited to be sharing my second single with all of you (my first being Torn, available on any music provider)! 

​   Some Run history... Run, like most of my songs, is a piece expressing the constant love/hate battle of young love. It's more specifically about a girl telling a boy that she isn't going to stick around waiting for him to return after he left her without a word.

   What's so special to me about this song is that it is unlike anything that I have recorded before. It's very rocking, with tons of instruments and an awesome drum beat, thanks to my awesome producers, Porter and Sayles

   So I hope that you'll be rocking out to Run on October 30... I sure will be! Run Copyright Katie Rubino 2015